Felicia HS 5

Design to Software Engineering

Unlocking Potential: Felicia’s Journey from Design to Software Engineering

Initially set on becoming a comic book artist, Felicia, qualified in 3D animation from Media Design School, embarked on a journey to find the perfect career. A couple of roles later, Felicia discovered her affinity for design.

After experiencing the technical limitations of this work, Felicia set her sights even higher, landing on the software engineering programme with the Institute of Data and recently landed a dream role as a front-end developer.

I found the Insitute of Data Software Engineering Programme more in-depth than any other programme. Other programmes don’t teach you the back-end, or they don’t teach you SQL and non-SQL databases. The Institute of Data programme was so thorough it gave me confidence. When I did the coding test for my job, I was confident I would do well because of the content I covered with the Institute of Data programme.


Research & Engineering to Data Science & AI

How Sarita launched her data science career in 12-weeks

With a background in science and engineering and the determination to accelerate her career, Sarita needed a way to stand out in the job market. She was focused on gaining job-ready skills in data science, analytics and AI. Through our 12-week full time Data Science & AI programme, Sarita was mentored and trained by data science experts and quickly landed a new role as a Data Analyst.

“I was initially exposed to the Data Science arena through my research career in Artificial Neural Networks. My paper was successfully published in an International Journal as a result. I am also a PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering from India. However, I realised there was a huge barrier facing international residents when trying to land an interview or get shortlisted for any type of industry role, despite their qualifications. To break into the Australian market, I needed a course that enabled me to quickly gain new practical skills as I lacked local career experience.”

AUT - Jan Mazdin

IT Enthusiast to Cyber Security Leader

From IT Enthusiast to Cyber Security Leader: Jan Mazdin's Story

Jan Madzin is someone who has learned the benefits of stepping outside his comfort zone. For Jan, working in cyber security is more than just an interesting occupation. He has discovered his love for helping people and organisations, as well as his natural leadership skills, along the way.

I wanted to focus on cyber security, which had experienced a boom in the last few years. I sent out some CVs and talked to a few people, but I found it difficult to gain any traction in New Zealand without any local experience. That’s when I discovered the Institute of Data Cyber Security program.


Hospitality to Cyber Security

Learn how Matt transitioned to an industry role in cyber security

Matt made a career change from the hospitality industry where he worked as a kitchen hand to cyber security in 2020. Matt was passionate about building his cyber career and focused on gaining practical cyber security skills to land a job quickly in the industry. He was mentored and trained by industry experts and secured a job as a Cyber Security Analyst before graduating the course.

“My career outlook has been completely turned around since upskilling and coming into the cyber security industry. Although I had transferable interpersonal skills, my new responsibilities and the expectations of me as a cyber professional are completely different to being a kitchen hand. I’m enjoying what I do now more than ever and I’m excited to keep progressing.”